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Derma Cult AM PM Plump Glow Combo

Plump Skin & Boost Radiance

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Why worry about skin ageing when you have this super duo that comprises of Derma Cult Retinol Night Cream & Bakuchiol Serum. It reduces wrinkles and removes dullness making your skin look plump and firm all day long.
Designed by Dermatologists
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Safe & Effective

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* Retinol:
Because of its wrinkle reducing impact, retinol not only helps smooth out small lines and wrinkles that already exist, but it also helps prevent wrinkles from appearing in the first place. It does this by exfoliating the skin at the cellular level, which ultimately results in new skin that is smoother and brighter. Control excess oil and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

* Bakuchiol:
Bakuchiol is helpful against inflammation, as well as bacterial and fungal infections, since it has the qualities that make it so. Bakuchiol encourages the turnover of skin cells, which helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while also improving the tone and texture of the skin. It is also an antioxidant, which means that it may provide some protection against the damage caused by free radicals.

* Reduces signs of ageing 
* Plumps skin
* Reduces wrinkles   
* Firms skin while boosting youthful inside out 

Always use this face serum on freshly cleansed skin before applying your moisturiser in the morning and at night. - Use one drop. Apply it evenly and gently all over your face and neck.

Apply night cream at night before sleeping. Massage till absorbed. Use a small amount. 

* Skin above age 25 
* Dull, tired skin looking for youthful glow
* Dry skin with signs of ageing 
* Wrinkled skin


Derma Cult AM PM Plump Glow Combo

Derma Cult AM PM Plump Glow Combo

Rs. 1,419.00